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Hi. I'm Owen.

I'm about six feet tall. I shave my head. I have piercings - in both ears. I have really big hands.

I take photos. I go to pubs that have interesting beers. I hang out with people I've know for years and people I only met this week. I eat avocado and tomato sandwiches with as much enthusiasm as I eat greasy takeout. I write software, sometimes even on the weekend. I play video games. Sometimes, I pick a direction and just walk until I find something interesting.

When I recycle my junk mail, I secretly hope it makes the people who left theirs in front of my mail box feel bad. I sometimes leave my dishes in the dishwasher for a week because they're just going to get dirty again.

What about you?
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I don't normally repost things from twitter, but for nobarking's benefit, I'm doing it once: FF Tactics A2 is... *creative* when it comes to annoying laws. No "not using MP"? Ow.

So, wait, what

So when did the plan become "let The Other loose in Agatha's body again"? I don't remember the dialog leading up to that.
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What the hell was THAT

Following up to the TWEWY post below, I've got one thing and one thing only to say about the ending:

God shoots people in mysterious ways.

Psst, Squeenix

Unless you are Animal Crossing, I'm not going to plan my week around your game.

I really want to like TWEWY. The plot is interesting, the combat mechanics are compelling, and the characters aren't completely flat. (For a JRPG, this is high praise.) But I can't quite get past all the niggling gameplay problems:

  • One attack growth mechanic requires either meticulous scheduling, fiddling with the DS's calendar, or Microsoft Excel to use effectively.
  • The other attack growth mechanic assumes you live in Japan.
  • If you pick the wrong combination of attacks for the area you're in, monsters will wipe the floor with you. There is no way to figure out whether this will happen without trying it in combat, since the problem lies in the controls and timing, not in the attack's statistics.
  • The game ties drop rates to your willingness to put up with limited hit points...
  • ...And likes to stagger your characters so that you can't heal.
  • Your ability to chain attacks (and to gain the very useful x5 chain multiplier) is limited by a stat that wears off a little after each fight and can only be effectively boosted if you planned further ahead than the game did (or happen to be in part of the story where you have access to a food shop).

I'd like to rag on attacks that require shouting into the DS's microphone, too, but (a) they're completely optional and (b) every other DS game is doing it, too. Dear DS developers: don't force your customers to imitate crazy people in public.


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Welcome to IT -- where giving two shits about your job is its own fucking punishment.

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Dear Lazyweb,

Should I go enroll in some of Ry High's photography courses?